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Minogue takes music break for Oscar dream

Pop superstar Kylie Minogue is taking a break from her flourishing music career to return to her acting roots - because she's desperate to win an Oscar award.

The Australian beauty shot to fame in 1986, playing Jason Donovan's partner in TV soap Neighbours, and made a series of critically-mauled films including her 1994 debut in Street Fighter and her starring role in The Delinquents.

But her small part as the Green Fairy in Baz Luhrman's movie musical Moulin Rouge and her voice-over work for forthcoming animated film The Magic Roundabout have inspired her to follow her dream of becoming an award-winning actress, when her Showgirl tour ends later this year.

She explains: "Acting was always my plan. I'd love to get an Oscar. I got the part in Neighbours then turned to music, and suddenly 18 years had gone by. I've got to do something in a film I'm really proud of.

"No one's said, 'She's a terrible actress,' they've just said, 'God, she's chosen some turkeys,' so I think it hasn't been proven yet."



Human League was said to be one musical reference Kylie Minogue wanted for her new album, ‘Body Language’. Certainly, the League's "Travelogue" (1980) sound is evident, but "Body Language" is excitingly trans-Atlantic, awash with Heaven 17, Scritti Politti and Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam influences.

Her production and songwriting collaborators are newblood (Baby Ash, Sunnyroads, Johnny Douglas) and old skool (Curtis Mantronik). They deliver now-beats and experimental scapes for the most revealing lyrics of Minogue's career.

To that end, ‘Body Language’ is achingly hip, thoroughly modern and blazingly neo-retro. It boldly redefines the parameters of electronica pop.


Kylie's love notes
KYLIE MINOGUE sings a slushy love song she wrote about French lover OLIVIER MARTINEZ on her new album.

The track, called Loving Days, tells how she has fallen head over heels for the handsome Hollywood actor.

The Aussie singer’s lyrics also reveal she treasures time they spend together — often cut short by their hectic work schedules.

It is clear Kylie’s new album — Body Language — is a very personal affair. She uses another track called Someday to blast her love rat ex-boyfriend JAMES GOODING.

The lyrics tell how she was “used and abused” by him when he cheated on her and then told all about their relationship.

But it is the fact that she has opened her heart about Olivier that will surprise fans.

The opening line in Loving Days says: “I have fallen all the way/ Happily there’s no escape/ Surrender to your heart.”

The chorus gets across her deep feelings for Olivier — and how she wishes they could spend more time together.

She sings: “Precious time with you doesn’t end the blues/ We are running all the way/ These are loving days, loving days, with you.” Kylie and Olivier, who is dubbed the French BRAD PITT, have been dating since March after meeting in LA.

At first they appeared inseparable during a string of romantic holidays. But they have been forced to spend a lot of time apart because of their heavy workloads.

But being with Olivier has clearly had an effect on the singer who has chosen not to talk about him publicly.

She learnt the hard way about the benefits of privacy after James spilled the beans on their two-and-a-half-year affair.

And she lets him know exactly what she thinks of him in Someday.

She sings: “Life goes on. You have abused and used me, now I’m going home.

“I want my records back/ To get my heart on track/ You think I can’t be alone/ Well, this woman is here to show you all.”

James showed his true colours when he admitted he had slept with MARTINE McCUTCHEON and SOPHIE DAHL while he was still dating Kylie.

Kylie, whose album is out on November 17, certainly seems to know how to get her own back.

Her single, Slow, is out next Monday


THE WORLD'S most famous posterior is to go into hiding

THE WORLD'S most famous posterior is to go into hiding courtesy of French couture.

Kylie Minogue, Britains adopted national treasure, who relaunched her career thanks to a pair of skimpy gold hotpants covering the pertest bottom in pop, has decided that the time has come to opt for a more sophisticated look.

The news will leave male fans worldwide devastated - and have their girlfriends breathing a sigh of relief. Since her Spinning Around single in 2000, the Aussie pop princess has wowed fans with an array of revealing outfits from designers Mrs Jones to Dolce & Gabbana.

Even at this year's Brit Awards her rear was the main attraction, overshadowing the show's winners.

It made headlines after becoming an object of interest for US singer Justin Timberlake as he gave it a quick squeeze as the pair performed a cover version of Blondie's Rapture.

But now it seems that her love of France, where she has been spending most of her spare time with new boyfriend Olivier Martinez, has led her stylist Will Baker to begin commissioning outfits in a more muted and elegant Parisian style. Much to the disappointment of fans,

Baker believes it's time to get away from "the sex symbol thing".

Though the 35-year-old singer is unlikely to look like a nun after her transformation, her decision to show less flesh was already obvious last week at Sir Elton John's glamorous White Tie and Tiara ball.

Kylie arrived wearing a demure Chanel. frock nipped in at the waist and with a long netting skirt.

She is currently taking time out from the limelight after a whirlwind two years during which she reclaimed her title of Britains top pop act thanks to such hits as Can' t Get You Out of My Head and Love At First Sight from her album Fever

She even began to make waves in America, a notoriously difficult market for foreigners to crack.

She has recently started work on her new album with record label EMI, from which the first single should be ready next year.

Fans can only cross their fingers that she will ditch French elegance for British sex symbol style and give her best-known asset special dispensation to come out of hiding when the time for making the promotional video comes.


Hair Today!

Kylie has spent seven hours at the hairdressers updating her image. she spent the time having 7.5cm hair extensions. It doesn't seem much, less than 3 inches, but the reasons are interesting. As we all know she is recording an album and wants a new style for its launch. So she hired Brazilian hairdresser Gille Gonsalves, who arrived at her West London home at 12.30pm on Saturday, and stayed for seven hours.

A neighbour said Kylie popped out soon after the appointment ended. "She seemed pleased with her new look. You could see that her hair was a bit longer, but it was hardly a Posh Spice-style transformation from short to long."

A source close to the star said: "It is not a massive image change, but it is the longest Kylie has had her hair for some years. It is also quite a few weeks until she will actually do her photo shoots, by which time her hair will be even longer."

Extensions are made either from hair or fibre and are woven into the hair roots and heat-sealed in place. They last up to three months. So why the photo shoot so soon if the album is not to be launched until next year?


Prince tells Kylie 'we must stop meeting like this'

Prince Charles told Kylie Minogue they must "stop meeting like this" after the annual Royal Variety Performance. The prince and the popstar joked after meeting up for the second time in as many weeks.

Prince Charles told Kylie she was "fantastic" after watching her in The Play Wot I Wrote in the West End just two weeks ago.

Kylie said: "He said we must stop meeting like this - it was exactly what I was going to say, but he beat me to it.

"I think he genuinely enjoyed the show - who wouldn't," she said.

Other news: Kylie picked up the award for Best Tour at last week's Top Of The pops Awards. She also wowed the assembled crowd with an amazing performance of Come Into My World... Fever has now dropped out of the UK top 40. Greatest Hits - which gets a great review in this months Q magazine - is at this week's No.27.


While all the other Kylie documentaries have come and gone this year, Channel 4 comes limping in at the back of the race with 'Kylie Entirely' in early December.

The documentary, which has been in production for months, is finally 'in the can' and will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 10.15pm on December 7th. The programme promises (or threatens) to 'expose' Kylie's 'secret' life, as reported in today's Daily Star - one filled with sex, drugs and, err, rock n roll!? - like no other documentary or book ever has before. As Channel 4 increasingly seem to be swapping places with Channel 5 in the quality stakes, it will interesting to see what they come up with. A few of the nuggets we've been privvy to include information about Kylie's relationship with French 'madman' Stephane Sednaoui, and how her relationship with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence almost claimed her life. Pinch of salt time guys - it'll be interesting to hear how Kylie words her public condemnation of the documentary, although the inclusion of interviews with Will Baker and Pete Waterman have us a little confused. The 'explosive' nature of 'Kylie Entirely' could prove to be little more than much-needed hype as the Fever-machine winds down.


You were fantastic, Prince tells West End Kylie

The Prince of Wales met the Princess of Pop as he watched Kylie Minogue make her West End stage debut. The Aussie singer was the special guest star in hit show The Play What I Wrote in a performance to raise cash for the Prince's Trust. As the pair chatted backstage, he told her: "I'm so glad you were in it tonight - you were fantastic."
The Morecambe and Wise spoof featured Minogue dressing up as a portly monk, performing a song and dance routine in the costume.

She told Charles: "I only had three hours rehearsal with these guys, something like that." The impressed Royal said: "You were a good sport." And he told the play's main stars Sean Foley, Hamish McColl and Toby Jones: "She really was good."

Minogue follows stars such as Roger Moore, Cilla Black, Miranda Richardson and Jerry Hall in the guest role. After the show, Kylie said she had been a bundle of nerves. "Once I stepped on stage I was fine, but I was completely riddled with nerves beforehand, which I hear is perfectly normal for the guest star.

"I haven't acted for such a long time, it's good to be doing something different. It's the first time I've trodden the boards in the West End and I'm a bit lost for words. It worked and it was just wonderful. If they ask me to do it again I'd do it at the drop of a hat."

A quick report from SayHey's Henderson: "I saw Kylie in "The Play What I Wrote" last night, and in every way she was amazing. Newsflash: she might actually be quite a good actress, which was a shock to me as I don't think much of her acting performances. Anyway, on stage she was mesmerising. She sent herself up beautifully, she did 'bad acting' with all the skill of someone who knows how to act in the first place, she had genuine chemistry with the Right Size, her comic timing was impeccable, and she played the audience like a fiddle. It helped that she looked a squillion dollars. As a bonus, when she did the Morcambe and Wise exit dance, she flashed a fair old bit of her garter belt. This isn't really a report, it's a love-letter, but f**k it, the girl done good!"



BORN NAME : Kylie Ann Minogue
BIRTH DATE : May 28, 1968
BIRTH PLACE : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
OCCUPATION : Musician, Actress
ADDRESS : Terry Blamey Management 10 Bovingdon Road London SW6 2AP England
HEIGHT : 5' 1"



b. 28 May 1968, Melbourne, Australia. Coming from a stage family, Minogue passed an audition for the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, which eventually led to her recording debut with Little Eva's hit, "The Loco-Motion". When the television series was successfully screened in Britain, prolific hit producers Stock, Aitken And Waterman intervened to mould Minogue's attractive, wholesome, anodyne image to their distinctive brand of radio-centred pop. The first UK single, "I Should Be So Lucky", reached number 1 in early 1988, presaging an impressive chart run of instantly hummable UK hits, including "Got To Be Certain" (number 2), "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" (number 2), "Hand On Your Heart" (number 1), "Wouldn't Change A Thing" (number 2), "Never Too Late" (number 4), "Tears On My Pillow" (number 1), "Better The Devil You Know" (number 2), "Step Back In Time' (number 4), 'What Do I Have To Do" (number 6) and "Shocked" (number 6). With solo success enhanced by duets with co-star Jason Donovan, including the UK number 1 "Especially For You", Minogue emerged as one of the most successfully marketed acts of the late 80s and early 90s, with books and movies, including The Delinquents. In 1991, the former soap star drastically changed her girl-next door image and adopted a sexier persona, which won her even more media coverage - particularly when she became romantically involved with INXS lead singer, Michael Hutchence.

Further hit singles included a duet with Keith Washington on "If You Were With Me Now", and "Give Me Just A Little More Time" (number 2). Surprisingly, she even won some acclaim in the music press and found herself championed as an unlikely "pop goddess", signing to dance music label Deconstruction Records in 1994. She enjoyed another UK hit single the same year with the mature "Confide In Me". In 1996 she recorded a single, "Where The Wild Roses Grow", with Nick Cave and the following year was working in the recording studio with the Manic Street Preachers. The original title for Impossible Princess had to be changed, as it was felt that it clashed with the death of Princess Diana. Not to be confused with her 1994 self-titled release, Kylie Minogue was a much grungier album than expected, but marked a downturn in Minogue's commercial fortunes that resulted in her being dropped by Deconstruction. She signed a new deal with Parlophone Records in 1999, and returned to the top of the UK charts the following July with the infectious dance single, "Spinning Around". Light Years saw Minogue firmly back in the disco pop bracket, an area to which she is clearly best suited. She returned to the top of the UK singles chart in September 2001 with the highly catchy "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" (written by former Mud guitarist Rob Davis and Cathy Dennis). A sparkling new album followed to delight her fans. Minogue's renaissance continued in America, with "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" breaking into the Top 10 and Fever rapidly ascending the charts.



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