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Dear Amanda,

My skin is very oily and I always have pimples and acne, I'm hoping for a soft and pimples free skin please help.

Dear Claudia,

Oily skin needs daily care and specially when there's acne. I suggest you wash your face with (Neutrogena) Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub, when you use this daily morning and night for once week then once daily. Your skin will be acne and shine free. Also, it will make your face soft and smooth. But if you feel twice daily is drying your skin then it's better to use it once. Don't apply too much moisture cream or gel on your skin because moistures in general make skin oily try using (Neutrogena) Oil-Free Moisture with sunscreen SPF 15. once daily in the morning that's should be enough.

You can buy it from these products from any supermarket or pharmacy. Try them and let me know if that works fine.


Hello Amanda,

My skin is very dry and sensitive in the same too what should I use for shower get and a moisturizer?

Hello Sara,

You need to be carful with your skin because sensitive dry skin might have problems if treated harshly, most important thing is to keep it  hydrated and don't use any scrub products! I suggest (Dove) Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash and for a daily moisturizer try (Jergens) Ultra Healing, that will leave your skin hydrated 24 hour.


Dear Amanda,

I have bobble in my face, What can I do to prevent this?

Dear Moni,

First of all you mean by (bobble) that you have pimples on your face! Well,
everyone in your age gets pimples on her or his face. You're still too young
so I suggest that you use (Cetaphil) it's a gentle cleaner. You can use it
to clean you face every morning with it.

You can buy it from every pharmacy. Try it and let me know if it works.


Dear Amanda,

I have tried different methods of hair removal and each has resulted in red dots at the follicle that won't go away over time.  What can I do to prevent this?

Dear S,

I recommend that you cut a lemon and rub it at the follicle area. Try it and
let me know. If it didn't work there are more methods to do. For more
information about hair removal check this page hair removal


Dear Amanda,
I am finding it very difficult to find a perfume that suits me because most new fragrances contain vanilla, which is too sweet and dominant for me. I also don't like fresh fragrances either. My favorite perfume is Givenchy III, but this is becoming hard to get hold of. Can you recommend anything else I may like?

Dear Liz
Not only is vanilla dominant, it is really stinky in a fragrance! If you wanted a really trendy fragrance, I would go and smell Marc Jacobs, which is really sexy and in the same sort of category as Givenchy III. If you would like something more classic, try the new Van Cleef & Arpels Murmur. Alternately some of the Serge Luten single note eau du parfums are simply stunning. Sa Majeste La Rose is a lovely floral. I would also have a look at the Creed fragrances. They are old-fashioned handmade perfumes that are really unusual and there are lots of them - some fresh, some floral, some traditional. The nice thing about all of them is they won't be on everyone you walk past so you can make it your signature scent if you wanted to. Good luck on the hunt and if you have no luck, please let me know and we can try another direction.


Hi Amanda,
I am quite red across my nose, chin and cheeks. I have tried using lots of green color correctors under my make-up, but they don't last very long. Have you got any other ideas?


Hi Chris
I think you need a product that is waterproof. If you really have tried all of the good ones that are easy to use like Shiseido Color Correcting Stick and Decléor Perfecting Tint, than have a look at  Estée Lauder Maximum Cover in Green or Derma Color. Both are fully waterproof and extremely long lasting on the skin. The other possible option is to use one of the flesh colors in either range to get better cover than a normal congealer. One last thing to consider is to have something more permanent done about the redness so the coverage is not necessary. It might seem drastic, but to get rid of the problem instead of dealing with the symptoms may be a life changing experience. PhotoDerm Laser or any of the other laser therapies have had excellent results for extremely high coloring, but it would depend on how severe the redness is.

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