Bikini Line

Frequently asked questions:
  • Which hair removal method is safest for the bikini line?


Many find sugaring or waxing to be suitable although this may cause some discomfort due to the sensitivity in this area.


Tweezing or plucking seems just a little too harsh for this area but again it depends on the sensitivity of the individual.


However, if hair inhibitors are used with these methods the hair growth slows down until it finally stops, making further hair removal sessions unnecessary.


Bikini line hair removal
which is gentle and WORKS!


Hair Inhibitors are:

ideal for the bikini line
long lasting
gentle on the skin
backed by a money back guarantee!

That bikini line won't be a problem again when you choose swimwear.

Wouldn't you feel great never having to shave or wax again?

Numerous products claim to be the answer to hair removal problems. Some are disappointing, others are downright fraudulent. Many dissolve only the hair above the skin so it grows back again.

Electrolysis can be a permanent method of hair removal, but considering the potential discomfort, repeated sessions and the cost, many opt for another choice.

Other methods include waxing, sugaring, shaving, creams, tweezers. All these have advantages and disadvantages such as inconvenience as they have to be done so regularly.

Shaving is a common method but can be hard on the skin, especially in sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

After many years of biological research, clear odorless topical solutions have been developed from an amazing mixture of exotic plant enzymes.

They are completely natural and what's more, there are no side effects - except for slowed growth with softer skin.

In addition to solving the problem with the bikini line, they also slows hair growth on legs, arms, face, upper lip, back shoulders, abdomen and underarms.

For maximum results, they should be applied after using the hair removal method of your choice.

The products carry an unconditional money back guarantee.