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I hear skin type is important when finding the right make-up, but how do I know what my skin type really is?

Great question! Skin type is important when choosing make-up or caring for your skin.

NORMAL SKIN doesn't feel dry (tight or look flaky) or oily (looks shiny). The pores are visible but aren't big and you don't get many blemishes. Skin may become drier or oilier due to the weather changes and seasonal changes. It can also change as you age.

DRY SKIN feels dry to the touch and pores aren't very noticeable. It may even feel like it pulls a bit tight when you make faces. Any skin type can be on the dry side if you use harsh cleansers or drying type products such as scrubs, masks, and acne treatments.

OILY SKIN feels oily and looks shiny. If you blot your face with a tissue, you might notice the oil goes onto the tissue. The pores are usually big enough to be visible. Oily skin may be more prone to acne.

COMBINATION SKIN is usually normal with some dry and oily areas. Dryness is usually on your cheeks, while oily skin is in the T-zone (nose, chin and forehead). The majority of women have combination skin.

SENSITIVE SKIN is easily irritated. Any of the above skin types may also be sensitive. Itching, burning and stinging are common signs of sensitive skin. CoverGirl make-up is especially good for sensitive skin, but read the labels carefully and choose "fragrance-free" and "hypoallergenic" formulas. In general, your skin is less sensitive to the compounds in a powder than a liquid foundation because the foundation sticks more closely to the skin, entering the pores, while powder lies lightly on top.

How do I get more gel out of my CG Smoothers Eye Gel?

Even though the Eye Gel pencils are soft, they can be sharpened. You may want to pick up one of our sharpeners the next time you're shopping.

How can I sharpen my eye pencil to a finer point?

Before sharpening your pencil, put it in the freezer for a few minutes. The cold temperature will harden the core and allow you to sharpen the pencil.

What's with all the different mascara brush styles? What do they do?

The brush determines the final look. Brushes with a lot of bristles close together generally thicken lashes. Brushes with bristles wide apart separate and lengthen lashes. Multi-tiered bristles help separate and thicken lashes. Fat brushes apply more mascara onto lashes and are made to thicken lashes in one stroke. Short bristles are best for getting short lashes to look longer. Curved brushes coat all lashes from corner to corner in one stroke, reaching tiny corner lashes.

There are so many versions of mascara, how do I pick one?

A: Darkening only mascaras give you the most natural look, with no heavy mascara build-up. Thickening mascaras are made to increase the diameter of each lash for the most dramatic look. Lengthening mascaras separate and make lashes look longer for a classic look. Water-resistant mascaras generally hold up under tears, but come off during swimming. Waterproof mascaras stay put during swimming, but a make-up remover is recommended to remove it at the end of your day.

How can I make my lipstick stay on longer?

Try using a lip liner to define lips when you want lip color to last an extra-long time. For long-lasting lip color apply a light dusting of powder before applying lipstick.

What do I do for a really great manicure?

Use a cotton ball to wipe away old polish with an oil-based remover (which is less drying). Dry nails should be filed in one direction from each side. On shorter nails, try to round the tips. Soak cuticles for five minutes and gently push them back.

I'm wearing a red dress to a holiday party. How should I wear my make-up?

To complement red best, don't "fight" with it. Choose neutral shades, including sparkles, shimmers and flesh tones. For gorgeous eyes, stick with beiges or gray, silver or gold, and play up your lashes with triple mascara.

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