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Every person is beautiful but no one is perfect even celebrity! We always think about how beautiful they look but we don't think that most beautiful celebrities of the world need some enhancement. Check some celebrities photos without
 makeup with their natural beauty and try to learn some tips to enhance your own look!

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Jennifer Lopez Shakira
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Flawless Foundation:
Tired of your foundation looking cakey and unnatural? To get fresh-faced, flawless skin, put foundation all over your face, then use a tissue to wipe it off of your cheeks. This makes it easier to layer your blush on without it looking fake. It brings life back to your cheeks and realness back to your skin.

Sky-High Lashes:
When you’ve got long, lush lashes you don’t need a ton of other makeup to stand out. To get an enviable fringe, Chanel celebrity makeup artist Kara Yoshimoto Bua says to first be sure your mascara is no more than a month old—fresh mascara glides on easier and won’t flake. “Wiggle mascara in at the base of the lash and sweep outward and upward,” says Bua. “The trick to sexy natural lashes is to get the thickness into the base of the lashes and taper them naturally to the ends, as opposed to chunky, thick ends.”

Dark circles can make you look tired. To get a wide-awake look, try this tip from makeup artist Bobbi Brown: “Prepare the under eye area with a hydrating, fast-absorbing eye cream, which will allow products to go on smoothly. Apply a corrector to cover the purple or green tones in the skin, then follow with a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. Finally, set the under eye area with a pale yellow powder to help it last longer and prevent creasing.”

The Art of Sculpting:
You don’t have to be born with high cheekbones you can fake it with this sculpting tip from celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal: Sweep a sheer shimmer powder along the top of your cheekbones and just under your temples. Next, pucker up to find the hollows of your cheeks. Dust a deep nude blush in the sunken area just under the cheekbone. Smile and apply a peachy blush using the “cinnamon bun method” use circular motions, starting at the apple of the cheek and slowly make larger circles with the brush. Voila! Instant cheekbones!

Bold Brows:
A bold brow is an easy way to create an attention-grabbing makeup look. Comb your brows with a spoolie brush or clean mascara wand to see how they lay naturally, Using a soft, slightly waxy brow pencil, shape the brow by using the thinner side of the tip. Then, take the flatter angle of the pencil and fill in the brow using short strokes that look similar to hair. Finish by blending a shimmery highlighter just below the brow bone to add brightness and lift.

More tips and tricks from makeup Artist Gina Brooke: “I've learned a variety of tricks to enhance my clients' features". Sometimes I have to improvise by combining products together to achieve the right texture and color. Here are some of my favorite examples!”

For Flawless Skin:
Take a lip gloss in a sheer nude color and add it to the apples of your cheeks. It will instantly illuminate your skin and create the illusion of a healthy glow where you need it most.

For Stay-Put Color:
To avoid lipstick from smudging on teeth, put Vaseline on them. This is an old Hollywood trick from the 1940's!

For Making Your Features Pop:

I love to use a highlighter and bronzer to intensify body tone. I use this trick on David Beckham's abs for ad campaigns.

To Tame Unruly Brows:
Mist hairspray on a brow brush and then comb the hairs up. Clean brows are essential for a flawless face.


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