Makeup Colors


It's the season for bright red lips, electric blue eyes, glitter and false lashes. Most wearable, flattering, and gorgeous makeup trends from 2017


Sunset-worthy shades were all over the runways. No matter what season, it adds a touch of warmth.
Also, that warmth tones enhance every eye color.

Glitter lips, roots, and even beards for the name it, it's going to be covered in glitter in the new year. It may sound counterintuitive considering that you're dealing with such a sparkly substance, but less is more try a lightly-dusted pout or twinkly slick back.


Petal pink lids are soft, ethereal, and—with just mascara—surprisingly cool. To create the "psychedelic, pre-Raphaelite, romantic" rosy eyes at Anna Sui, makeup artist Pat McGrath used blush as eye shadow, sprinkling it with a touch of glitter. Buy yourself a complete eye shadow in rose pink shades.

Stiletto nails will be as 2016 fashion trend like  in the '80s and '90s. The 2016 update? Instead of square or rounded shapes, go for pointed stiletto-like talons.